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    Sims, Um, Monday: Twins! Twice!

    Ferris Wheel is tired, but hey! The baby’s coming! Wake up!

    It’s twins! (I gave Ferris Wheel the Fertility Treatment reward. Because it amuses me to do so.)

    Welcome baby girl Adirim.

    (I’d be hungry, too!)

    And baby girl Stairway.

    Babies, boring, blah blah. But check out what . . . → Read More: Sims, Um, Monday: Twins! Twice!

    While You’re Waiting For Sims Monday*

    Go read Gayle’s blog post about making the difficult decision to rip back half a sweater knit at the wrong gauge.

    I couldn’t think of a comment I could leave without blubbering, so I’ll just point you there instead.

    * Which will be posted later than I planned, probably around 8 or 9 Pacific.

    Sims Sunday Postponed

    Today has completely gotten away from me! It will have to be Sims Monday this week, I’m afraid. Sorry!

    She’s Got Dishcloths In Her Pocket

    Here are the two dishcloths I finished yesterday. What with the power outage, it turned out to be a Two Dishcloth Day.

    Not sure how many more dishcloths I’ll end up knitting. This run might be nearing an end. It’s definitely petering out, anyway. Because I am BORED.

    This is day 3 snowbound . . . → Read More: She’s Got Dishcloths In Her Pocket

    Walkin’ In A Dishcloth Wonderland

    It’s surprisingly wintry here. Like, “actual wintry” not “Pacific Northwest wintry” (which is where it’s 45 degrees and raining and everyone’s lawn turns a nice vivid green). The snow started last night, and it just didn’t stop.

    Here’s my railing at a solid 6″ of snow. It eventually maxed out at 8″ before it . . . → Read More: Walkin’ In A Dishcloth Wonderland