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Socks By New Year? Not Happening.

So last night I had finished 4 pattern repeats of the toe-up socks, and I was ready to start increasing for the gusset.

I looked at the sock and thought, “But which side should I put the increases on?”

Then I thought something like, “FFFFFFFUUUUUUUU-”

Here’s one side:

And here’s the other:

The problem? . . . → Read More: Socks By New Year? Not Happening.

Another Thing I Finished

Are you ready for this? You sure?

Now admittedly, when I say “finished” I mean “I knit one more round in solid color, then grafted the ends shut and called it done.” It’s what I suppose you would charitably call a “scarflette,” being only 49 inches long.

But as I was casting my eye . . . → Read More: Another Thing I Finished

Mittens: Done

Last night I didn’t finish working until 9PM, and I only had the energy to knit three rounds before I gave up. So there is basically zero chance I’ll be able to finish the Wyvern socks by the end of the year. Considering the way that pesky things like “working” and “feeding pets” and . . . → Read More: Mittens: Done

Resolutions Vs. Reality

I finished the first Wyvern Sock last weekend, and I would sure like to finish the second sock by the end of the year!

But here is the reality: the sock has 13 pattern repeats, plus 2 inches of ribbing (let’s call that 14 repeats), plus turning the heel (let’s call that a 15th . . . → Read More: Resolutions Vs. Reality