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    Speaking Of Hats…

    I use Jared Flood’s Turn A Square as my default hat pattern when I want a simple beanie.

    I like the four decrease points, the way they look like sewn seams. They all but beg you to fold the hat up into tidy fourths and tuck it in your pocket for later. It’s . . . → Read More: Speaking Of Hats…

    Do You See What I See?

    I have been reading Let Me In by Swedish author John Ajvide Lindqvist. (And enjoying it, by the way – very creepy and winter-y and perfect for the season.)

    The other day I noticed something on the cover. See it?

    That hat! Stranded colorwork, dark gray and white. Four decrease points, like Jared Flood’s . . . → Read More: Do You See What I See?

    Sims Sunday: Bloody Sims Sunday

    Even though Zardoz has the “Family Oriented” trait, he hadn’t shown any sign of wanting to settle down and make babies. He hadn’t even really become smitten with anyone. I was starting to despair.

    He was getting awfully famous, though. Here, a complete stranger snaps his picture on the sidewalk.

    Alas, . . . → Read More: Sims Sunday: Bloody Sims Sunday

    It’s Black Friday. Hide!

    I hope all my American readers had a lovely Thanksgiving, and that all my non-American readers (about a third of you, according to my Google Analytics stats) had a very nice Thursday. With lots of Thursday-ish sorts of things, whatever those may be.

    In addition to a wonderful dinner with lots of great company . . . → Read More: It’s Black Friday. Hide!


    I’ll set aside all the back-and-forth about how I was going to do this one project, but I don’t have the needles for it, and then I was going to do this other project, but it turns out that I need more of that one color, and then I was getting in some good . . . → Read More: Mega-Dishcloth