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    Cowl Fever Is Persistent, Like Malaria

    I caught Cowl Fever from a friend last January, and it’s still working its way through my system.

    In this latest bout, I’m basically re-knitting something I knit earlier this summer as a gift. I liked it so much that I decided to knit another one for myself – exact same pattern; exact . . . → Read More: Cowl Fever Is Persistent, Like Malaria

    Dear TweetDeck,

    Your “Auto URL Shortening” icon looks like a sanitary napkin.

    Always UltraThin Regular with wings, if I’m not mistaken.


    – A Female

    Soy Hats!

    Isn’t soy an amazing thing? You can eat it, or use it to make a crappy yarn in an inadvisable shade of hot pink. Wow!

    I am so sorry about that picture.

    I made the second hat “Jared Flood style,” striping the hot pink with the blue-and-brown in alternating bands. It turned out . . . → Read More: Soy Hats!

    It Sure Is Knitting Weather!

    180 degrees of Skagit Valley farmland, taken from the parking lot of the Farmhouse Restaurant at Highway 20 and Laconner-Whitney Road, facing west.

    (You’ll want to click to view that one, and then click the picture again to see it full size in your browser.)

    You can also tell it’s fall because everything’s greening . . . → Read More: It Sure Is Knitting Weather!

    Sims Sunday: Baby-Making

    Over on my dedicated Sims blog The Splines, a comment by ErinLindsey gave me some ideas. But first, the girls had to grow up.

    Xolotl peed her pants at her own birthday party. The shame!

    I moved her out, into a house that’s a little more family-friendly. This model has two floors and several . . . → Read More: Sims Sunday: Baby-Making