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    More Swatching

    I did a bit of swatching over the weekend, when I didn’t feel capable of knitting anything smarter.

    This is Patons Soy Wool Stripes (SWS). The color is called “natural geranium.” I was going to make fun of that color name until I remembered my August-flowering primrose out on the porch.

    Yet Another . . . → Read More: More Swatching

    Egg Truths

    To bring my non-American readers (I know there are many of you) up to speed: the last few weeks has seen a MASSIVE egg recall for salmonella contamination. Last I heard the recall affected half a billion eggs.

    I have learned a lot about eggs since I started keeping chickens.

    1. The United . . . → Read More: Egg Truths

    Sims Sunday: Endings And Beginnings

    I didn’t have much gameplay time this week, and I’m ever so tired, so I’m going to keep this week’s update short.

    Furthermore, I understand this is the last Sunday of summer vacation for a lot of you out there. I salute your return to school! Today is the first day that’s really . . . → Read More: Sims Sunday: Endings And Beginnings

    Then Again…

    Sometimes it’s easy to figure out when it’s time to rip. Like when you look down at the scarf you’re knitting, the long edges of which should (in theory) lie parallel, and you see this:


    Bad cafe cameraphone picture aside, I think it’s pretty clear that this scarf has gone completely off the . . . → Read More: Then Again…

    Public Service Announcement re: “My Empire of Dirt”

    If you were thinking of reading Manny Howard’s book “My Empire of Dirt,” I strongly recommend against this course of action for two reasons:

    1. Howard writes like he’s being paid by the dependent clause, with headache-inducing sentences like:

    “The lower reaches of the East River have teemed with traffic since the earliest . . . → Read More: Public Service Announcement re: “My Empire of Dirt”