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    The Chicken Report

    Ethel is limping much less. In fact, you would have to be some kind of crazy obsessive chicken owner in order to notice the limp at this point.

    I still notice the limp.

    But it’s getting better, and I’m sure it will be gone soon.

    (Sorry for the crappy cameraphone picture. I . . . → Read More: The Chicken Report

    More Socks

    I didn’t intend to start a new pair of socks this month. It just kind of… happened.

    Honestly I don’t remember why. All I remember is that it was really important at the time that I cast on for another pair of socks.

    This yarn has garnered a lot of attention and compliments . . . → Read More: More Socks

    Cabled Feather Cowl

    The first blocking is finished. Now I just need to do a bit of damp blocking to fix that top line.

    I wish it was easier to get a picture of this! The halo makes it look blurry, even though it’s in focus.

    Last year at the fair I had noticed that the judges’ . . . → Read More: Cabled Feather Cowl

    Chicken Drama

    For the moment I decided to hang the hanging feeder from a cross-beam with a spare dog leash. With a knot tied in it, to bring it up to the right height.

    SO classy.

    Last week I noticed that Ethel was limping pretty badly. Her lame foot was also totally filthy. And so it . . . → Read More: Chicken Drama

    Sims Sunday: Okay I Got Bored

    I had sort of resigned myself to doing a lot of interior decorating, because Umlaut really enjoyed it. (Who wouldn’t enjoy cashing a paycheck because some invisible god has done all the work for you?) But I was a little unsettled when he visited his new client.

    Hey, that’s Simon’s house! Get out!

    After . . . → Read More: Sims Sunday: Okay I Got Bored