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    Sims Sunday: 11:15PM?

    It can’t be 11:15PM. Because if that were true, it would mean I had spent five and a half hours trying to fix my game, instead of playing it. And I know THAT can’t be… oh, I see.

    I was having that problem with the frequent pauses again. I managed to mostly fix it. . . . → Read More: Sims Sunday: 11:15PM?

    Soap Saturday: Dishwashing Liquid

    I don’t have a dishwasher, so dishwashing liquid is a Big Deal for me. It has to perform well when squirted on a dishcloth, rinse easily, and dry without leaving any kind of film.

    At first I used some of my Bucket Of White Slime laundry detergent. That worked fine, although it wasn’t very . . . → Read More: Soap Saturday: Dishwashing Liquid

    I Has A Yogurt

    I was always a little bit nervous about making yogurt, even though everyone said it was really easy. Warm milk up to body temperature and leave it out all night? On purpose? And then eat it? Really?

    Recently I realized that it’s just like sourdough starter. Yogurt is basically sourdough bread that’s made of . . . → Read More: I Has A Yogurt

    More Socks!

    When I first started knitting socks, I gravitated towards incredibly bright sock yarn. The brighter the better. I guess I was feeling the effects of coming off a lifetime of socks that were either solid black, brown, or white.

    I still like colorful sock yarn. But if I saw this skein at the yarn . . . → Read More: More Socks!


    After I completed this month’s pair of socks, I despaired of getting a decent picture. The ribbing scrunches them up so that they look really weird.

    Then I remembered that someone had given me a pair of sock blockers, way back when. I don’t feel the need to block socks – I just . . . → Read More: Socks!