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    We Should Be Okay Out Here

    Mr. Paws-in-the-Shot and his brother are indoor-only cats, so we should be able to talk on the deck outside.

    I feel a bit guilty posting this picture, with its crazed profusion of shades of green. Have you SEEN what’s happened in the Northeast?! Even Goldie is confused. And she’s just a sheep!

    Some . . . → Read More: We Should Be Okay Out Here


    I met Dorothy heading in the other direction today, from the ferry to Mount Vernon. (I’m the ferry ferry! Give me a pair of pointy boots and sparkly wings and I’d be the ferry ferry fairy.)

    She’s working on a cowl, too. Suddenly everyone has Cowl Fever! I caught it from a friend’s Crofter’s . . . → Read More: Cowl-O-Rama

    Cotton Surf Socks

    I love to take a picture of toe-up socks right after finishing the heel. They fold in half for their picture so very tidily!

    I call this the “Baudelaire heel,” because the instructions are in Cookie A’s Baudelaire socks. I work the heel almost exactly as written, without adjusting the number of stitches for . . . → Read More: Cotton Surf Socks

    Weekend Fun

    On Friday I was planning to check out this one beach, but it turned out the road didn’t do what Google Maps said it did, so I wandered around and eventually found another. Which turned out to be pretty nice all on its own.

    Click for the full-size 180-degree view. (You may have . . . → Read More: Weekend Fun

    So Many Babies!

    I’ll be honest with you, I got tired of this at about baby #14. But I can’t quit now, so I forged ahead.

    At one point five of the kids were teenagers, and one was a baby. I managed to get the entire family (except the baby) to sit down to dinner at once.

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