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Digital Cameras Hate Red

I don’t know why it is so, even though I have tried hard to find out. This happens on television, too, if you ever notice red on a news show or soap opera, the red will be vague and bleeding over its edges.

Sometimes it helps to photograph the red thing as a small . . . → Read More: Digital Cameras Hate Red

Where’s My Kitty?

In other news, I lost my kitty! I do not know where he could be! I cannot see him anywhere! He must be invisible!

“Where’s Waldo,” it ain’t.

Just A Drive-By Today

I found the sound settings for recording video in the Sims 3 preferences. Here’s some gameplay – new improved with sound so you can hear all the babies wailing! And at the end, Klango passes out on the floor.

Citrus Lover

Okay I admit it, I really like grapefruit now! I feel like I deserve one of the “I’ve Tried Something New” stickers Jamie Oliver hands out to kids in this week’s episode of his new show.

I don’t know if I’m fending off scurvy or what, but I have been snarfing down the citrus . . . → Read More: Citrus Lover