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    Sims Sunday: I Wouldn’t Have Believed It Myself

    (Note: Oh crap, I’m sorry, people! For some reason this got saved as a draft, instead of published yesterday!)

    Last week I mentioned that I was having some problem with gameplay glitches. Every 10 minutes by the game’s clock, the game would pause for a count of three.

    I usually play at double . . . → Read More: Sims Sunday: I Wouldn’t Have Believed It Myself

    Nummy Bread Friday

    (I shouldn’t joke – half the time when I title a post “X [day of the week]” it becomes a real thing, like Sims Sunday or the erstwhile Puppy Wednesday.)

    Loaf #3 turned out considerably better. It’s shaped a little oddly, because I baked it in a casserole dish.

    It has a great sourdough . . . → Read More: Nummy Bread Friday

    How Much Time Have I Spent Playing Sims 3 This Week?

    About this much:

    The aqua stitch marker on the unfinished sock is marking round 30 of the cuff. That’s the halfway point on the ribbing. One more evening of gameplay and I think these socks will be finished! Must be some kind of record!

    Speaking of Sims 3, just wait until you see what . . . → Read More: How Much Time Have I Spent Playing Sims 3 This Week?

    Constantine Mitts: Completed. Basically.

    These didn’t turn out terribly well. But instead of re-doing them, I’m just going to call it good.

    The entire concept hinged on my ability to free-hand embroider a design on knitting. As you can see, my ability in that department is somewhat lacking.

    If I wanted to re-visit this pattern, I would . . . → Read More: Constantine Mitts: Completed. Basically.

    Pinching Off; A Loaf

    Evidently Cat Bordhi has an instruction in one of her knitting patterns that you should check the fit of your sock toe by trying it on. If it’s too big, “pinch off N stitches” meaning literally pinch the extra fabric with your fingers and see how many stitches you need to remove to get . . . → Read More: Pinching Off; A Loaf