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    Sims Sunday: Vacation!

    Finally the twins grew into teenagers. Here, Pelikan is waiting for the adults to stop talking so that she can blow out her candles.

    As they chat, their guest is thinking about getting a new computer, while Klango is thinking about himself. Eerie how true-to-life this game can be at times.

    I wanted . . . → Read More: Sims Sunday: Vacation!

    Another Thermis

    I’m actually only faking it in this picture – I hadn’t yet attached the buttons or woven (weaved?) in the ends.

    For this one, I used twisted rib (ktbl, p) throughout. I like the look better, and I think it will help it stand up better when worn.

    I also skipped the . . . → Read More: Another Thermis

    Dog Fur Hat Completed

    I finished the Newfoundland chiengora fur hat last weekend. Here it is in its tubular glory, along with the neighbor’s cat. (Oh but Brady is outraged when the neighbor’s cat stops by. Much less if I’m outside petting it. I was in BIG trouble when I got back inside.)

    And here it is cuffed . . . → Read More: Dog Fur Hat Completed


    I usually try to post something on Monday evening, to bump Sims Sunday off the top of the page. I feel bad when Sims Sunday stays longer than that. Is there anything sadder than a “Sunday” post still sitting there on a Tuesday? It’s like a Christmas tree lingering through Easter.

    But life has . . . → Read More: DEATHFLAKE

    Sims Sunday: Shameless

    Another odd painting by Klango.

    This week was all about whipping my little Sims to make money, so that I could continue building their house. With Olivia working at the science lab, Pascal climbing his way to the top of his musical career, and Klango painting a masterpiece every day, we were getting a . . . → Read More: Sims Sunday: Shameless