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    All Is Quiet On Dishcloth Day

    This one is taking a lot longer than the others.

    Is the dishcloth fever beginning to break? There’s really no way to know.


    Dances With Dishcloths

    This is the same purple I matched with the persimmon in the last dishcloth, plus “Lime Stripes.”

    I worry that, with yet another dishcloth (12 in 17 days) I may start losing members of the audience. And yet I am helpless to stop.

    How about some chicken news? People seem to like chicken . . . → Read More: Dances With Dishcloths

    Don’t Stop, Make It Pop, DJ Blow My Dishcloth Up

    Yes, it’s more dishcloth love! This one represents the very very last of the Persimmon. I paired it with purple to give it that “six year old girl” je ne sais quois. But every color looks the same when you interlace it with Persimmon.

    Of course, it must be said, I do a lot . . . → Read More: Don’t Stop, Make It Pop, DJ Blow My Dishcloth Up

    Sims Sunday Hiatus

    Sims Sunday will return NEXT YEAR! (Har har.)

    Dishcloths (Baby Please Come Home)

    Did you know that you can replace the word “Christmas” in any song with the word “Dishcloths”? I had this realization this morning, and I have had U2’s dishcloth carol stuck in my head ever since. Woe!

    I have three Christmas dinners this year – one last night, one tonight, and one next week. . . . → Read More: Dishcloths (Baby Please Come Home)