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    Happy Halloweeeeeeen!

    I always think of Halloween as the official start to winter. I was hoping to get some nice fall shots this year, but then we had a lot of rain followed by a lot of wind.

    It’s one long slide towards Winter Monochrome from here.

    There are still a few leaves clinging to . . . → Read More: Happy Halloweeeeeeen!

    What Was I Thinking?

    This week it was cold enough that I was motivated to bust open the box of winter knits.

    Whose great idea was it to knit an afghan that’s five feet long, and only two feet wide?

    I also had to laugh when I saw that I hadn’t dealt with the last three loose ends . . . → Read More: What Was I Thinking?

    Chicken Update

    Harriet is proving to be the watchdog of my mini-flock. She’s the only one who even notices when the neighbor dogs cruise past.

    (That’s not even a dog, really – it’s a very large five-month-old puppy.)

    And when the big scary great blue heron landed near the coop last week, Harriet is the one . . . → Read More: Chicken Update

    What I’m Not Knitting

    Now that I’ve finished the toe-up socks (an experiment I consider a success, by the way) I’m working on a new project. But you know what I’m not working on? That damned Celtic Cabled Scarf.

    A lot of people would suffer through knitting the entire scarf, and then post a picture of the finished . . . → Read More: What I’m Not Knitting

    Some Observations On Miley Cyrus’s Song, “Party in the USA”

    For some reason, I am plagued by Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA.” Whenever I turn around, it’s playing at me. I can’t escape it, nor am I moved by it, so I always end up mulling over the lyrics until it’s finished.

    If you haven’t heard it, here’s the music video:

    The . . . → Read More: Some Observations On Miley Cyrus’s Song, “Party in the USA”