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    Seasonal Updates

    1. The firewood guy was supposed to drop off a load of wood last week, but he didn’t show. You’re either puzzled by this announcement, or busting a gut at the deadpan humor. (Hint: the firewood guy never shows up on time. Ever. Also, he’s usually an ex-felon or a late-stage alcoholic, or both.)

    . . . → Read More: Seasonal Updates

    Liz Lemon’s Scarf: The First Repeat

    I spent some quality time with the scarf last week, and finally finished the first pattern repeat. I’m thinking of this scarf as “inspired by,” because the more closely I looked at the original, the more I saw patterns I wanted to substitute.

    The first pattern repeat is 33 inches long. Stop here, or . . . → Read More: Liz Lemon’s Scarf: The First Repeat

    Sims Sunday: Halfway Point

    This morning as I was sorting out the screenshots to write this post, I realized that Lorne is the 12th generation of Alphabettis. That means we’re halfway through the alphabet legacy challenge I took up last December. Crazy, right?

    Speaking of little Lorne, Klango is acting as stay-at-home dad.

    For some reason – . . . → Read More: Sims Sunday: Halfway Point

    Would You Hate Me If I Titled This Post “Say Cheese”?

    I’ve decided that cheesemaking will be my winter project this year. By the time spring rolls around, I want to have made a giant wheel of homemade cheese. Like, ridiculously large. So I’d better start by mastering the mozzarella!

    I used Fankhauser’s instructions this time, and it worked out a lot better. I also . . . → Read More: Would You Hate Me If I Titled This Post “Say Cheese”?

    Vegetarian LOLs

    Ah, life in a rural area. I was doing a search for something else, and here is what Google helpfully provided:

    Okay, so we have:

    1. Coffee. (Check!)

    2. A cattle ranch that sells hay. I can’t decide if this is “You’re a vegetarian? Perhaps you would like to buy some delicious hay!” or . . . → Read More: Vegetarian LOLs