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Ripping Back Always Stings

As a knitter, I’ve learned that if I have a bad feeling about some aspect of what I’m knitting, I should go with that feeling. And I’ve learned that if something isn’t working, you just have to close your eyes and rip it back.

Turns out, carpentry is just the same. Who knew? . . . → Read More: Ripping Back Always Stings

Chicken Vignette

First, two facts:

1. Harriet, my little red hen, is at the bottom of the pecking order.

2. I gather that standing up tall and flapping your wings is how you say “I am the boss,” if you are a chicken. (If you do this while Ethel is around, she will run over . . . → Read More: Chicken Vignette

Semi-Antique Fish Hobbyist Magazine Wanted

Okay, innernet, do your thing! I’m looking for a copy of the June, 2002 edition of Tropical Fish Hobbyist. If you have one, please let me know! It has an article titled “Practical Advice for the Planted Aquarium,” which I believe I wrote. But I could be wrong.

(Sadly, you can’t back-order issues that . . . → Read More: Semi-Antique Fish Hobbyist Magazine Wanted

Puppy Wednesday

I decided to take Carrie K’s suggestion and start Puppy Wednesday. Another problem with blogging about five-week-old puppies is that they are very difficult to photograph. Even using the flash, I get nothing but puppy-shaped blurs.

The only time they hold still is when they are nomming on their dish of semi-solid food. Of . . . → Read More: Puppy Wednesday