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    Random Notes

    This week has absolutely flown by. I seriously cannot believe it is Saturday morning already. I guess that’s a good thing?

    I have had to knock off the knitting for a while, because my hands have been hurting. (By the way, whenever I watch a futuristic computer interface like Tom Cruise’s little hand . . . → Read More: Random Notes

    Announcing Zero Waste MONTH

    After reading about Zero Waste Week, Kmkat had the nutty idea to declare February Zero Waste Month. I was smitten with the idea, myself! I have put together a basic info page (with blog buttons and everything) here.


    P.S. I did feel the earthquake this morning. It woke me up, which frightened . . . → Read More: Announcing Zero Waste MONTH

    On Waste

    I just got back from a trip to the store, where I tried to purchase as little packaging as possible. I bought a lot of stuff in bulk, and plan to re-use the plastic bags on my next trip.

    I was surprised at how many things were available in the bulk section of . . . → Read More: On Waste

    Visiting rescued puppy mill ch…

    Visiting rescued puppy mill chihuahua – omg so tiny!

    Zero Waste Week

    I’ve been reading zero-waste blogs like Fake Plastic Fish recently. It’s a strange kind of lifestyle porn, like Martha Stewart for the green set. Now I read that for the town of Gloucestershire in England, this is Zero Waste Week.

    I thought, Could I do that?

    I thought, Would anyone else do it with . . . → Read More: Zero Waste Week