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Last Post of the Year

The end of the year is a big tidying-up time for me. All year long I’m accumulating projects that I want to finish “by the end of the year,” and the last week of the year becomes a mad dash to the finish line. Some I’ll finish; some I won’t. It’s the trying that’s . . . → Read More: Last Post of the Year

It’s not over yet

The forecast calls for: wind. Yesterday I was shocked at how strong the wind was. I saw all kinds of unlikely objects being pushed around by the wind, like rogue shopping carts, and the big metal dome-shaped lids of outdoor trash cans.

The plastic adirondack chair weather report is: tipped over.

On my . . . → Read More: It’s not over yet

Omg! I’m out! At the post offi…

Omg! I’m out! At the post office! In my car! I drove! I’m free!!!

Will Trade For Jeep

Buoyed by all the sounds of dripping and melting, I trudged out to my car to give it another go. After about 20 minutes of finagling and maneuvering and slipping the clutch to rock it back and forth, I managed to get my car out of my parking spot. Victory is mi-


You . . . → Read More: Will Trade For Jeep