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We have winners!

I bet you all thought I had forgotten! In truth, it wouldn’t have taken so long, except that I insisted (to myself) that I Do Things Properly. I put everyone’s name into a spreadsheet, then used this random number generator to pick the winner.

And I actually picked the winner last Sunday, but then . . . → Read More: We have winners!

Happy Thanksgiving!

To celebrate, please help yourself to some Cat Pudding!

It’s gone a bit melty around the edges, but it should still be alright.

ETA …and a slice of moist, flavorful catloaf!

Year-End Follow-Up

Well folks, we’re almost to the end of another year. (I know, right?!) I thought this would be a good time to wrap up some loose threads, darn them in if you will.

With that in mind, this is your chance to ask “Hey what ever happened to…” or “Remember that time you said . . . → Read More: Year-End Follow-Up

Must… not… make impulse… purchase…

LOLCAT soda!