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    Ups and downs

    I should not have mocked the powers of the Silver Fish, because now I have a cold. (Only the greatest of effort prevents me from writing “I hab a code.”) It’s not a very bad cold, but it’s overstayed its welcome already. My plan for the rest of the day is to lie on . . . → Read More: Ups and downs

    Life Without Knitting: Cooking Experiments

    To sum up: it sucks. The cut is fairly well healed, but it lies right where the yarn goes across my finger. Also, if I work my finger in a knitting-type motion, it aches and then swells up and aches some more for several hours, and a bruise appears on the side of the . . . → Read More: Life Without Knitting: Cooking Experiments

    An update, for those of you following along at home

    Last week I was stunned, truly stunned, to discover that I had finally run out of tampons.

    Other days, everything goes well

    Just taking a break from reading The Graveyard Book to do a bit of quick blogging. Any day that ends with reading a new Neil Gaiman book is a good day, if you ask me. I’m excited to read it all through, but sad that once I’ve read it, I can’t un-read it and . . . → Read More: Other days, everything goes well

    Joanne Crafts Bellingham: the …

    Joanne Crafts Bellingham: the annual Cinnapocalypse has returned.