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    Ready, Set, Go! is an innovative micro-charity site which connects classrooms in need with cash donations. October is Bloggers Challenge month, so I’ll be bringing you updates and good news throughout the month, during which we will crush everyone! I mean, we will help children!

    I have added the Bloggers Challenge widget to the top left . . . → Read More: Ready, Set, Go!

    You know what yarn stores need to start selling?


    I am getting heartily tired of crossing the room and booting up my computer just to use the calculator. (But I do love my new keyboard’s “calculator” button.)

    Cause and Effect

    1. NY Times article, Sarah Palin and the Rape Kits.

    2. ================================ from Planned Parenthood to date Sat, Sep 27, 2008 at 8:17 AM subject Thank you for your gift to Planned Parenthood! ================================

    Dear Erika Barcott,

    Thank you for your special tribute gift to Planned Parenthood. If you requested an announcement, a . . . → Read More: Cause and Effect

    Review: Neal Stephenson, “Anathem”

    I feel like I should be awarded some kind of certificate for having completed Neal Stephenson’s Anathem. Sure, it’s almost the same page count as Cryptonomicon, but it’s at least three times as dense, and a thousand times as dry.

    It’s not entirely accurate to say that I enjoyed Anathem. This isn’t the sort . . . → Read More: Review: Neal Stephenson, “Anathem”

    Knitting Update

    In between all the other craziness, I have managed to finish a bit of knitting. Wintersox 2 were completed while I was in Las Vegas for business stuff. (I spent a fair amount of time in my room, knitting and watching “House” on the USA Network.)

    See how the tops are a little curly? . . . → Read More: Knitting Update