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Oh Friday, how you exhaust me

Hey, I finished one of the second Wintersox! (Wintersoxen?)

I also managed to finish up the Super Secret Project and mail it off. On time! Mostly complete! In a month full of failures, it was nice to have a success, however mild.

Regarding recent topics of conversation (Lost season 3, and The Dark Knight), . . . → Read More: Oh Friday, how you exhaust me

Did you know?

Brady and Kimble never snuggle. Never ever ever.


Actually, my guess is that Kimble did his usual passive-aggressive move, which is to claim Brady’s spot by sitting on Brady until Brady gets up and leaves. But Brady was too lazy to do so. So it’s really only snuggling by default.

. . . → Read More: Did you know?

Busy day!

Today I had the brakes (front and rear) fixed on the Dadmobile. I look forward to these car repair days, because it’s like a mini-vacation. Ten full hours with no responsibilities, and nothing in particular to do.

The only down side is that I have to get showered and dressed and leave the house . . . → Read More: Busy day!

Sometimes the simplest tasks are the most difficult

Adios, partially-completed sweater! We barely knew ye.

I need to clarify that although Dorothy helped me with the math, it is not Dorothy’s fault that the sweater turned out wrong. I gave her a bad set of measurements.

In my defense, they were only off by about an inch or two. But . . . → Read More: Sometimes the simplest tasks are the most difficult