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    Is there an entomologist in the house?

    Yesterday while I was outside stacking wood, I found some lovelies to share with you.

    First, a hibernating yellowjacket. These damned things are all over my wood pile, which is why I don’t stack wood inside the house – I stack it near the door, then bring it straight into the stove as needed.

    . . . → Read More: Is there an entomologist in the house?

    Week In Review

    Dear me, what a week. On Sunday we kicked off the week with International Pajama Day, of course. Alas, I did not realize that International Pajama Day would coincide with Guy Shows Up In Big Truck Full Of Firewood That Needs To Be Unloaded And Then He Backs Up Too Far And Gets Stuck . . . → Read More: Week In Review


    I am so so so busy this week, all I can manage to blog about is spam and consumer complaints, apparently.

    Yesterday my blog registered a comment on this post which really has me stumped. I’m pretty sure it’s spam, but… I think it’s trying to COMMUNICATE. This is where I say, in my . . . → Read More: Eh?

    Lord, people

    This morning I ran down to the post office, then stopped in at the Pioneer Market (The Hating-est t Lil’ Market in the West) to pick up a copy of the Channel Town Press and a box of doughnuts.*

    I know this will sound sick, but I’m really fascinated with how much hostility they . . . → Read More: Lord, people

    Dispatch from International Pajama Day

    First thing in the morning, I dutifully did not change into “real” clothes (it’s sweats for me), to honor International Pajama Day. I decided that I wanted my first FO of the year to be for charity, since hey, we can all use a little more good karma, right? I nestled into the couch . . . → Read More: Dispatch from International Pajama Day