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    Ring out the old…

    I can’t decide if this is an auspicious, or inauspicious, start to the new year, but I have been found by lost dogs (again).

    Along with making 911 calls, it is also my fated duty to return lost dogs to their owners. This happens so often that I carry a collar and leash in . . . → Read More: Ring out the old…

    Weekend catch-up

    Oh my, the FOs are piling up around here. My camera’s batteries ran dead, and then I forgot to bring them into work to charge, and then I charged them but left the USB cable at work, and you know how it goes.

    First up, a pair of washcloths for Christmas. I used the . . . → Read More: Weekend catch-up

    It MUST be a holiday!

    Either that, or a wonderful dream. Check out the WSDOT’s Seattle traffic map at 8AM Friday morning. Crazy!

    ABC-Along: X

    X is for Xenophobia.

    La Conner is a tourist town, with a typical tourist town’s loathing of outsiders, namely, me. So far there is one store (the Pioneer Market on Morris Street) that I will not shop at anymore, because it was just too irritating.

    I remember when I was in junior high, I . . . → Read More: ABC-Along: X

    ABC-Along: W

    W is for Western Birds, the Peterson Field Guide.

    This is my third copy, having given away the first two to other nascent birdwatchers over the years.

    Western Birds is a miracle of technical writing. The birds are organized by type – all the ducks and geese and duck- and geese-like birds are . . . → Read More: ABC-Along: W