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    It is 34 degrees outside, and everything is starting to melt. The birds are singing like crazy – I even heard a raven crowing. They’re mobbing my suet feeder, and it looks like they’re having a much easier time of it. (Yesterday I saw a few holdouts, pecking away at the frozen block of . . . → Read More: Hooray!

    Doris: A Hat For Troublesome Hair

    I have troublesome hair. No normal, everyday hat can hope to contain my hair. Thus Doris was born, from a hat spotted on a barrista in Mount Vernon.

    Gently falling snow sold separately.

    Doris is worked in super-bulky yarn, which makes her sturdy enough to win the war against Troublesome Hair. Doris has . . . → Read More: Doris: A Hat For Troublesome Hair

    People, it never ends

    So I’m standing aimlessly in the middle of the living room, admiring my latest scarf, and half-watching “Bones,” when from the kitchen comes a racketa-racketa-racketa-BANG!-SSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHH and outside the window I see gouts of steam rising from beneath the cabin.

    Yesterday morning when the temperature dropped to 20, I started running the taps to keep . . . → Read More: People, it never ends

    The magic of blogging

    From Kathleen’s blog comes the news that a grad student is studying the speed of meme. To participate in the study, just link to his post and ping Technorati (more instructions can be found at the link). He’ll be mapping the spread of the meme, and relating his findings in a speech to the . . . → Read More: The magic of blogging

    Thanks, I’ve had enough.

    Yesterday I left the house for several hours and ran some errands. It was glorious! Then temperatures dropped down into the teens overnight, and it’s started snowing again today. Maybe I will be able to leave the house tomorrow. Hard to say.

    In the meantime, I have been busy, as you can see . . . → Read More: Thanks, I’ve had enough.