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    Mistake Rib

    Here’s the closest I’ve been able to accurately represent the color of Cascade 220 #8013, Walnut Heather. Of course, it’s reasonably accurate on my monitor, but might look a bit different on yours. It’s an ashen gray-brown – which may not sound thrilling, but I’m absolutely in love with the color.

    A lot . . . → Read More: Mistake Rib

    Sorry ’bout that

    Those of you who still access the site from may have had some trouble earlier today. Every year without fail, for the six years I’ve had that domain, on September 28th I am startled to find that its registration has expired. (But I just paid the annual registration fee last year!) I pay . . . → Read More: Sorry ’bout that

    Weekend wrap-up

    This is the post where I jumble in all the assorted photographs from the weekend, without any real coherent thread to join them.

    Apple Tree #2 is ripe! (Tree #3 should ripen next month. They were chosen to ripen in series, so that for three months in autumn, you’re never more than a . . . → Read More: Weekend wrap-up

    The Logsplitter Chronicles, Part 2

    The hydraulic log splitter totally saved my bacon, in a big way. Here’s how the log splitter came about:

    1. Firewood Guy dumped a pile of wet logs in my yard.

    2. D., happened to stop by just after Firewood Guy left. Eyeing the pile of wet logs, D. said “I know someone who . . . → Read More: The Logsplitter Chronicles, Part 2

    The Logsplitter Chronicles

    Pile of wet logs, prepare to meet your doom.

    Meet the Troy-Bilt LS27T Hydraulic Log Splitter, with a 5.5hp gas-powered Honda engine that produces 27 tons of force.

    People, this thing was so f*cking cool, you would NOT believe it. Log splitter and I are totally BFF.

    Lunch break – 1/3rd . . . → Read More: The Logsplitter Chronicles