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    Gold Leader kicks back

    Ryan mentioned in the comments on her post that the gold yarn was the least popular at the giveaway. I think that’s a shame. The gold yarn is quite companionable, albeit in a quiet, understated, homebody sort of way.

    The yarn – I have taken to calling this skein Gold Leader – enjoys . . . → Read More: Gold Leader kicks back


    Some back story on this anecdote: I have only one set of size 0 DPNS. I happened to be working on a part of the Skunkworks Sock which requires all five needles – one could theoretically try and use four, but not if one was completely exhausted and strung out at the time, you . . . → Read More: Dulaan-a-rama!

    Three Tools and the Truth

    I have always maintained that in most endeavors – painting, drawing, knitting, cooking – there are just a few simple tools that you need. Everything else is just diminishing returns.

    In the case of gardening, 92% of my needs can be met with:

    1. A pair of working gloves.

    2. Something that cuts (pruning . . . → Read More: Three Tools and the Truth

    Clean up

    “What the **** have you gotten us into this time?”

    Tuesday I cleaned up the living area and washed the floors with Murphy’s Oil Soap – lemony fresh!

    And unpacked my books into the built-in bookshelves – handy!

    And cast on for the super-secret sock project I’m working on – I . . . → Read More: Clean up

    Saturday Sky

    (Okay, I’m cheating, this is from last Saturday. So sue me!)

    On Thursday night, I stopped by the La Conner post office to pick up my mail. Just as I was turning the corner, something grabbed my attention. I stopped in the middle of the intersection, then backed up to get a better . . . → Read More: Saturday Sky