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Everything must go! Well, okay, not EVERYTHING.

Time to clean house – doesn’t everyone love moving?! I just finished listing a bunch of my stuff on eBay. Perhaps you would like some?

DVD box sets – PayPal preferred.

Six Feet Under, season three

Sopranos, season five

Lost, season one

Futurama, seasons one, two, three, and four.

Other A super-sweet UPS and . . . → Read More: Everything must go! Well, okay, not EVERYTHING.


Wikipedia has been hot in the news lately, having recently posted its one millionth entry. The Onion has a Wikipedia article, as does The New Yorker.

I love Wikipedia, and use it as my standard reference work. Firefox users, did you know that you can type “wp [thing]” in your address bar (not the . . . → Read More: Wikipediania

Bloglines error

Apropos of nothing, how much do you love the Bloglines error guy?

Bloglines is having some trouble today. From time to time, when I check my feeds, instead of all the links in the left-hand pane, I see this guy. He always makes me smile. I wish more companies had error messages like the . . . → Read More: Bloglines error


Saturday sky:

Bedroom weather report:

67.1 degrees at 12:14PM – I love my city!

I slept in until 7 (luxurious!) then made my way down to Apartment Candidate #1. It’s $520 for a 600 square foot, one bedroom apartment with dishwasher and garbage disposal. No laundry machines – they are an option, . . . → Read More: Apartment-o-rama