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    I hate my feet.

    Every morning between about 11:30 and 12:30, if I open my shades, a small sunbeam falls directly below my desk. Upon hearing the shades being drawn, Kimble magically appears at the sunbeam spot, where he rolls around in feline delight, jockeys for position with my feet, and tries very hard to be run over . . . → Read More: I hate my feet.

    Meow meow Harley meow meow?

    I should have a separate category for “Pictures I took to sell something online, which the cats ruined by blundering into frame.”

    Girlfriend’s Swing Coat progress

    Haven’t had much knitting time this week, but work on the Girlfriend’s Swing Coat Sweater is proceeding apace. (What pace? Just apace, okay?)

    Unfinished Girlfriend enjoys a moment outside on a sunny afternoon, looking out over Lake Union.

    I’m nearly to the part where you set the sleeves aside on waste yarn, so . . . → Read More: Girlfriend’s Swing Coat progress

    Not exactly knitting weather, is it?

    It’s been getting really hot here, almost in the 90s. I know this doesn’t seem hot to you, since you live in a city where the temperatures hit the hundreds starting in February, but you have air conditioning.

    In Seattle, air conditioning as seen as some kind of moral failure like wearing fur, buying . . . → Read More: Not exactly knitting weather, is it?

    So cute!

    I’ve started a new blog category, “Things I Would Like to Knit Some Day,” because I always see these patterns online and think, “Ehm, not right now, I’m really behind on my projects.” And then I fear that I will forget them. Aren’t blogs handy?

    Most recently, I would some day like to knit:

    . . . → Read More: So cute!