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    I can smell stuff again! That was a very weird experience.

    (Dorothy’s comment on yesterday’s sickie post makes me want to flap my hands and say “Eeeeeee!”)

    An exposition on fiber

    The lion’s share of my precious few waking hours today were spent at the Seattle Knitting Expo instead of actually knitting. Compared to the one in Tacoma recently, it seemed that this one had more vendors, and more handmade, handspun, and hand-dyed yarn. This pleased me greatly.

    I bought two skeins of yarn, both . . . → Read More: An exposition on fiber


    On the viral front, I’m feeling overall a lot better, but I think I have a sinus infection, and also I have completely lost my sense of smell. (This is more than a little alarming, I can assure you.)

    In the last 24 hours, I have put my nose perilously close to the following . . . → Read More: Snif?

    My First Sock: an odyssey in knitting tiny stitches

    Regarding the message on the Opal ball band, Pasticcio commented I think the label says something about you having their high sympathies if you wash that yarn in the machine at night.

    The scary thing is, that’s exactly what I thought when I read the band out loud. If we choose “translation by consensus,” . . . → Read More: My First Sock: an odyssey in knitting tiny stitches

    Owlsocks, here I come!

    This little fella arrived in the mail yesterday. I’m forcing myself to spend today at home – the entire day – because I really need to get well. (I’m terrible at being sick – I simply have no patience for it.) Devoting an entire day to this First Sock Project is my compensation.

    . . . → Read More: Owlsocks, here I come!