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Gray hat for charity

It’s a little big for Bobby, my styrofoam head model, but it will fit an adult man. I’ll probably send it off to Operation Nightwatch, when they come up on the list.

Cascade 220 Charcoal Gray (#8400) and Silver Gray (#8401), oh how I love you! These are the best grays in the world. . . . → Read More: Gray hat for charity

Project Honda: a mini photo essay

I patched the quarter-sized hole in my headlight with some clear packing tape.

The word you’re looking for is: “classy.”

The battery frightens me. I don’t know what the blue stuff is, but I finally did determine that the piles of yellow powdery stuff are degenerated foam from the straps, which used to . . . → Read More: Project Honda: a mini photo essay

Cherry trees finally make it to full bloom


By now, you have probably heard the new term “Grups.” If you haven’t, you will soon.

Now listen up people, because I am only going to say this once.

The use of the term term “grups” in this context is completely backwards. In the original reference, the term “grups” refers to the actual grownups . . . → Read More: BONK BONK ON THE HEAD!