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    Last night I broke out the yarn for the knit-a-bear-for-a-poor-Jamaican-child project. Unfortunately, I had neglected to print out a copy of the pattern beforehand.

    No matter, I thought. I remember the pattern. It said to cast on (some stitches), knit for (some rows), switch colors, knit for (some more rows), and so forth. How . . . → Read More: I WILL CRUSH YOU

    Knit a bear, make a child happy, win stuff!

    Got Gauge has posted a call to knitters, and a contest!

    Knit a bear for the Peace Corps to distribute to an underprivileged child in Jamaica. Then send her a picture, she’ll add it to her gallery, and enter you into a drawing for a fabulous prize of Noro Silk Garden!

    Link via . . . → Read More: Knit a bear, make a child happy, win stuff!

    My [yarn] smells like cat food.

    For sale, best offer: four skeins of Red Heart acrylic yarn and a plastic tote, all permanently infused with the smell of cat food.

    Here is my (futile) attempt to “air out” the yarn and tote.

    I used this plastic tote to store cat food for about a year. Then it sat empty . . . → Read More: My [yarn] smells like cat food.

    I want…

    I want a miniature sheep so bad, you would NOT believe it. 16-17 inches high when full grown!

    Link via Franklin

    How is knitting like open source?

    I made an offhand comment a little while back, about the similarity betwen the knitting community and the open source movement. If you have a Windows computer, you may think that open source software (the Unix and Linux operating systems, and the programs that run on them) has very little to do with your . . . → Read More: How is knitting like open source?