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    Knit Picks color cards

    If you’re going to order yarn from Knit Picks, I highly recommend ordering some color cards while you’re at it. Face it: there’s just no way to mentally mix and match colors off a website, the colors are never going to be what you expect when you’re looking at digital pictures being displayed . . . → Read More: Knit Picks color cards

    Noro Blossom swatch

    Looks a bit like berber carpet, doesn’t it? Feels like it, too, until you put it through the blocking process. This is color #10 (I guess they don’t really have names).

    Noro Blossom

    I worked with a few skeins of Noro Blossom last night (I’ll post pics of the final result after the recipient has received it). Man, it felt like that stuff was fighting me every step of the way.

    It defeated any attempts to check gauge, and I ended up having to work by just . . . → Read More: Noro Blossom

    The perfect antidote to the knitting blues

    Lego knitting robot. Using a Lego Mindstorms robotics kit, this clever clever man made a knitting robot which is both effective and hypnotic. Works a bit slowly, but if you set it up when you left for work in the morning, and came home at night to discover a scarf had been knit in . . . → Read More: The perfect antidote to the knitting blues

    Your Ad Here

    A little while back, I decided to experiment with running ads down the sidebar. I did this out of curiosity, because I wanted to know what the click-through and payout rate would be, but the only way to find out was to give it a try. I decided to sign up with the primary . . . → Read More: Your Ad Here