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    Lap Mat

    More of the former binary sweater was knit up into a lap blanket by Knitting Sensei on her Ultimate Sweater Machine. Although finicky and somewhat cantankerous, the USM knit four square feet of stockinette in about three hours. That ain’t bad!

    It makes me feel kind of like a little old lady, but . . . → Read More: Lap Mat

    “Split Granite” stitch

    Here, Darth Tater presents the “Split Granite” stitch. This is a handsome stitch I picked out of my copy of The Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns. It’s a little fancier than garter or moss stitch, but not so complicated that I lose track and mess up if I’m knitting while watching a . . . → Read More: “Split Granite” stitch

    Biasing: Mystery (Partly) Solved

    I made swatches, so many swatches. I applied the scientific method (observation, hypothesis, prediction, results). I thought I had solved the problem, through some mysterious process, by knitting backwards (knitting where I should purl, and vice versa).

    But it wasn’t until I thought I had put the mystery to rest, and sat down to . . . → Read More: Biasing: Mystery (Partly) Solved


    Biasing, that ancient mystery of the ages. No one knows what causes biasing, or what to do about it.

    Okay, that’s not true. Everyone knows what causes biasing, but everyone seems to know something different.

    Everyone agrees on the definition of “biasing.” It’s the unseen force which vertically distorts a straight edge into . . . → Read More: Biasing

    The Cat Mat

    As I ripped out the failed binary cardigan, I asked myself, “Who could possibly want something knit out of this insanely warm Wool Ease Chunky?”

    The answer?


    Here’s what happens every night. Brady (pictured above) gets there first. Then after a while, Kimble (below) decides that he wants the cat mat, at . . . → Read More: The Cat Mat