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    Binary sweater’s cousin

    Hat with pattern in morse code.

    I’m doing that next!

    First attempt at knitting in the round

    It looks… angry.

    Wise words

    The horror of holiday sweaters:

    “if you wear this and no one tries to stop you, you have no friends.”

    I wish more of the world’s problems could be solved by knitting

    I love my bike.

    But it has soft, black rubber handle grips that mark up the wall it typically leans against.

    Solution: a knitted bike handle cozy! Knit in Red Heart acrylic yarn left over from all those Jayne Hats, in a spicy purl-purl-knit rib pattern.

    Okay, one more!

    The fourth Jayne Hat.

    Note: this hat actually sold on eBay before I could get around to posting this entry. Damn those hats, I wish they didn’t sell so well, because I am so tired of knitting them!

    When listing on eBay, one wants one’s cunning hat to look as handsome and appealing . . . → Read More: Okay, one more!