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    Cat With Shoe, For Size Comparison

    I might get around to making some actual art later today. For now, I’m engrossed in playing with my digital camera, which my friend Robert fixed for me last night.

    Here’s a picture of one of my cats, lying beside a shoe for size comparison. They are large cats.

    Note the tilt . . . → Read More: Cat With Shoe, For Size Comparison


    This week I have been turning my creative energies to knitting. Specifically, to knitting Jayne Cobb’s silly hat from that one episode of Firefly. (You know the one I mean!) And naturally, I am offering it for sale on eBay.

    If you want one, maybe you want to wait for the next one I . . . → Read More: Shiny!

    Admiral Way

    This is a big one! I decided not to resize it, because then it looks like crap. This is the full-size scan of a 9 x 12 sheet of paper.

    I think this is the best painting I’ve done so far. It is free of any glaring technical errors, although I think the . . . → Read More: Admiral Way

    Grocery store parking lot sights

    I didn’t quite feel like going home the other night, so I sat in the parking lot of the QFC up the street from my place, and drew some stuff.



    I needed some practice last weekend, so I pulled up the WetCanvas Weekly Drawing Event, and tried my hand at some cows. Moo!