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    Scary Yard

    Here’s what happens when things go wrong. This is a sketch of my grandmother and I, circa October 1974. Except I completely messed up the faces, which looked blobby and clown-like. I colored it anyway (for the practice), then got mad and scribbled out the clown faces with a heavy pen. And when . . . → Read More: Scary Yard

    Woman in yellow gloves and scary mask


    This is a semi-unfinished sketch of Luke, who is my aunt’s godson’s son. I think that makes him my… um… cousin…?

    The View From Here

    This is one of my top five favorite works I’ve ever produced.

    QFC tower at dusk

    This entry covers the vivid yellow which also came with the set of markers I bought last week. It’s a bright, poke-in-the-eye sort of yellow. I screwed around on the paper without coming up with any good ideas for it. I tried it as a dandelion and as part of an imaginary stained . . . → Read More: QFC tower at dusk