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    Man and dog, Home Depot warehouse

    Bare essentials landscape

    I copied this picture from a painting I glimpsed in the background of a movie. (Labyrinth, believe it or not – the painting hangs in the upstairs hallway of the house.) I’m sure it’s copyrighted material, but copyright to whom? Anyway, I like the idea of a landscape stripped down to almost nothing.

    Blustery day, Safeway parking lot

    Luna moth, part I and II

    This is the second version. I didn’t care for the background of the first version I painted. Later this evening, while doing something else (ain’t that always the way?) I suddenly thought of a much better background. I painted the new background (which is supposed to be moonlight, since luna moths are nocturnal, . . . → Read More: Luna moth, part I and II

    Portovenere challenge

    I did this in response to a challenge on the WetCanvas watercolor forum. Comparing it with the original (a picture of the Italian port of Portovenere), I think I may have left out a window.