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    Airedale dog

    Playing around with my new Pitt brush pen.

    Six things waiting for the light to change at California and Fauntleroy

    University Village

    Copying the Masters: Australian Aboriginal art

    Unlike western art, Australian aboriginal art isn’t about perspective or rendering. It’s about color and rhythm, and telling a story. Which means (to my mind) that it’s more like music than it is like painting. Either way, it’s beautiful.

    View the original.

    The Sammamish River Slough

    That sketch makes it look quite a bit more dramatic than it really is. You’d think it was some sort of majestic river gorge; not a little bridge going over a creek. Maybe I should have made the minivan larger.

    After studying bikers as they rode by on the trail (without seeming . . . → Read More: The Sammamish River Slough