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    The Hood Not A Hoodie Just The Hood

    I have been forgetting to mention this project for so long that it’s already halfway completed. This is Through The Woods, which is a cabled hood.

    Through The Woods

    Not a hoodie, just the hood. That’s how I have explained it to so many people that it has started to sound like the name of the garment itself. “A hood not a hoodie just the hood,” and then you make a motion like you’re plonking a hood atop your head.

    Sims Sunday: Treading Water

    This week in Simming was pretty painful. For one thing, I felt like the game was on hold until some of the kids grew up (and I could make more). For another thing, it kept crashing, so I had to keep going back to the last save point and playing forward from there. It got so bad that I started saving every 12 Sim hours, at noon and midnight.

    This morning I had a lightbulb moment, and updated Origin. I was then able to play for several hours without a crash. Coincidence? Hard to say.

    Anyway! I started the week by hiring a butler to help out around the house.

    sims sunday

    I also learned that you have to keep up your relationship with the butler, or they may quit. I did not know this before. Which might explain why every time I’ve hired a butler in the past, one day they just… weren’t around any longer. Continue reading…

    Crowdsourcing My Entry In The Holiday Newsletter

    Last year I opened a Christmas card to find a holiday newsletter that went something like this:

    Child A has become fabulously successful in the stock market and will soon retire early to live a life of leisure. Child B spent the year mountain climbing and setting world records. Child C is the powerful upper-echelon executive of a multinational corporation. And Erika won a blue ribbon for her knitting in the county fair.

    I’m only exaggerating a little bit.

    When I bemoaned the fact that the holiday letter made me sound like a hick and a failure at life, I was given the opportunity to submit my own entry for the next year. But frankly, I’m drawing a blank.

    All suggestions welcome, the funnier and more fabulous the better!

    A Visit to Gilkey Square

    The town Christmas Tree went up last week. I wanted to get some pictures, but I showed up too late – by 2:30PM Gilkey Square had just about lost the light.

    La Conner Christmas tree

    I think of Gilkey Square as a big boring area, a miniature concrete wasteland at the main “T” intersection into town. But it turned out there was kind of a lot going on there today!

    Gilkey Square La Conner

    The first thing I noticed was this “Apartment For Rent” sign. I believe the apartment is on the second floor of this building. It is a 1BR, 980 square feet, $795, with “Great View.”

    I’ll pause to let you digest that.

    Granted, we don’t have much in the way of jobs or an economy here in Skagit County. But if you’re a freelancer looking for a change, you should move here! Really!

    Okay, it’s not ALL “small town quirky charm” here. Last month the town newspaper ran a big front-page article about a recent crime wave of valuables (including purses, cash, digital cameras, and iPods) being stolen from unlocked cars downtown. The county Sheriff is asking people to please lock their car doors, and maybe think about not leaving valuables in plain view like that.

    It’s regrettable, but those are the times we’re living in today.

    Oh and there is also a coyote-related crime wave. Several cats and small dogs have gone missing, even in town. One dog, a well-known dachshund, was attacked and killed in his front yard.

    I learned about it from his obituary, which was extensive and surprisingly engrossing. Also: dog obituary in the newspaper. HOW CAN YOU NOT LIVE HERE?

    Okay well let’s get back on track!

    Here is a panorama I took of the square. Click on it, then click again for the full-size version.

    Gilkey Square

    After taking the pictures, I turned around and discovered something interesting had popped up in an empty storefront. It is now a display for “The Nomadness Report,” a weekly publication which features “spirited tales of gizmology, technopassion, small-craft design, extreme nautical geekery, open-source culture, engineering challenges, location-independence, technomadics, and survival.”

    (Click for big.)

    Gilkey Square La Conner

    This is apparently a project of the Nomadic Research Labs, which built a famous high-tech recumbent bicycle in the late 1980s.

    (Click for big.)

    Gilkey Square La Conner

    And of course my question is, “HOW reminiscent of the Starship Enterprise are we talking, here?”

    Gilkey Square La Conner

    Damn, now I want MY own storefront, too! I don’t know what I would put in it, but I imagine it would be like a cross between a knitting store and the Museum of Jurassic Technology.

    Spidey Update

    It’s been a few months since the last Spidey Update. Most of the leaves it had at the time have continued to wither. But the newest two leaves have not experienced any withering.


    Then again, this is the slow season for house plants. They may not go dormant over winter, but my experience with house plants in natural light is that they kind of go into Sleep Mode for a few months at the heart of winter.

    (Speaking of which, I am counting the days until the solstice, and the return of the light.)

    It’s pretty clear that spider plants hate water softeners. Luckily it is quite easy to collect rainwater around here. (At one point I had so much that I started pouring it into the cats’ water dish. They were intrigued.)

    I’m not sure if Spidey will survive the abuse, but considering it’s still hanging in there, it might have a chance yet.