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Doing my part to help end the worldwide yarn shortage

I mean, there must be a worldwide yarn shortage, right? Why else would a perfectly sane person take time out of their busy schedule of playing video games to spin a skein of yarn by hand?

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This is Targhee wool from Abstract Fiber in the colorway Mt. Hood Rose. Like all reds, it doesn’t photograph well. I’m not usually a big fan of reds, but I am in love with all these shades of garnet.

Mass Effect cross stitch project: Complete!

I’m going to do the a-hole thing and point you to the post on my other blog about this project.

I cast on for the Armor Stripe Sweater last weekend. It’s… gonna take a while. Still working on it, though!

Sweater dreams, frogged and redesigned

It was a full four days after I ordered a sweater’s worth of brown bulky yarn before I had an epiphany. When I realized how close I came to missing the perfect opportunity for a masterpiece of nerd knitting (my specialty) I actually felt a bit dizzy.

Then I raced to the WEBS site to order enough Cascade 220 to make a black sweater with a red-and-white stripe down the right arm.

I guess this is a mass effect blog now

Called the “armor stripe,” this color scheme for N7 clothing and armor is one of the constants throughout the Mass Effect series. I already made an iPhone case, why not go all the way?

It’s a little more ambitious than designing one of the first Firefly hat patterns or knitting a Skyrim dishcloth. But I’m sure looking forward to it. And luckily, the pattern I had my eye on (Mason-Dixon Knitting’s Perfect Sweater, thanks to a suggestion from a reader) is worked in pieces flat. Which means it will be quite simple to add an intarsia stripe to one arm.

Now if the yarn will just get here, I’ll be all ready to go…

Caturday comes early this week in NYC

Purina ONE (sponsor of the True Nature of Cats month you may remember from a while back) has opened the first Cat Cafe in North America. Lucky NYC residents can visit the Cat Cafe through April 27th, from 10AM to 7PM. The Cat Cafe is located at 168 Bowery, New York, NY 10002.

The Cat Cafe offers free coffee and snacks, will be hosting speakers talking about cat health and behavioral issues, and is “staffed” with adoptable cats from the North Shore Animal League America.

cat cafe

Isn’t that kitty adorable? If you live in NYC you can visit AND give her a forever home. And you totally should.

Speaking of the True Nature of Cats Month, gosh that seems like a lifetime ago. Poor Kimble was dying, although I didn’t have the heart to tell you all then. Cinnamon was quite fat when we started. She had trimmed down by the end of the month. Now she is – I hope this doesn’t sound like bragging – the perfect weight.

She and I have worked out a way for her to communicate when she’s ready to play. (She picks at one particular corner of the carpet, then dashes back and forth a few times.) I always heed her request. She likes an intense play session with her favorite toy, 5-10 minutes per session, 1-3 times per day. Not only does it keep her trim, it also exhausts her and keeps her from bothering me quite so much when I’m trying to work.